Marketing (AEM) components
All the Marketing components, with the atomic grid spacing, are now available in the Sketch (Craft) library.  To view detailed specs check out the wiki (migrating to the portal soon!) or see Marianne Guillen for any questions.

More UI component updates
A handful of components were updated on the site and updated our product Sketch (Craft) library. Here’s what was updated: Trowser, Drawers, Text fields, Errors, Global Help flyout, Help pop-out, Info links, Modals, Tooltips, Guidance tooltip, and Guided tour

Design Engineering: What’s new with the E2E prototype

Between animated global header icons and signature motion examples (like EasyEase, Entrance, Exit and Stagger), the e2e crew has been busy.  Here’s a list of their recent work.

Native UI component in Sketch are coming….

We’re creating a new Sketch (Craft) library for the iOS UI.  We’ll update you next week

Last but not least…

New and more powerful Sketch template
It’s here and we’re excited to finally share it! Never start from scratch with your designs again by using this reusable template.
Join us for a walkthrough during Designer Tips & Tricks on Wednesday, March 22 at 2 PM PST.  

Download the Sketch template now

Want to help move things along? Feel free to reach out if you’d like to contribute!


– Design Systems Team

Special thanks to Jing Wu, PJ Nidecker and Wayne Wright for your contributions!

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