UPDATED 4/3/18

The design and code of all email modules have been refreshed. Read the release notes for details.

Use live text
Text should be “live”, or placed directly in HTML for almost all use cases. This ensures that the email is readable even if the recipient has images off. The exception to this rule are promotional flags due to its smaller dimensions.

Think responsive design
About 40% of users open QuickBooks emails from a mobile device. All modules are designed to be optimized for mobile.

Mind the fold
For the purpose of email, the fold should be considered 400px from the top. Email is a disruptive channel. Recipients are not usually navigating to their inbox to specifically look for QuickBooks emails. At the very least, the H1 headline should be above the 400px fold. When in doubt, ask yourself – “does this email get to the point above the fold?”

To remove clutter at the top of an opened email, ensure the preheader is hidden from view. Now, the recipient to focus on the primary message. Please note: this technique still allows for the preheader to appear in the message preview pane—providing all the advantages of a preheader without the distractions.

View online
Looking to keep the top of the email free of clutter, the “View online” link should be moved to the footer of the email. This link is very seldom clicked (most campaigns find that around 1% of clicked links are the “View online” link).

16 unforgettable email tips

Average time spent reading an email is 11 seconds. Let’s show the reader what they need quickly. 

Outside of work, Americans read emails while watching TV (70%),  from the bathroom (42%), and while driving (18%).

78% of consumers say they’ve unsubscribed from emails because a brand was sending too many.

When space is a concern, send readers to a landing page where they can discover more information.

Copy and imagery should complement one another. They should feel like they’re part of the same narrative.

Use the subject line and preheader together to clearly describe what’s in the email and why they should care.

Subject lines should be 50 characters or less. Recommended preheader length is under 100 characters.

Keep the content in the footer consistent. It helps build our brand and establish trust with our customers.

Establish a hierarchy. Lead with the most important message. Break content into scannable sections.

Identify and maintain a singular focus—one clear message with one call to action.

Create a fluid, natural conversation. Make sure it reads that way from subject line to CTA.

Stay relevant and helpful. Our customers like that we’re checking in on them. Avoid being salesy.

Personalize emails when we can—first name, feature interest, in-product usage, business type, city, etc.

Keep it brief. If recipients can scan and understand the email in under 11 seconds, you’ve nailed it.

Be clear and specific about what’s on the other side of the CTA. Keep CTA language actionable.

The words “thank you” in a subject line can result in above-average open rates. But let’s not overdo it.

Salutations and signing off


Thanks! The QuickBooks Team

The QuickBooks Team


Hello, Tom

Hello there, Tom

Hey Tom


Regards, Hugs, XoXo

QuickBooks Self-Employed Team


Hello Tom,

Hello there, Tom,

Sup Tommy,

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