When to use a beta badge

A beta badge appears in the product to clarify that a feature is in progress and incomplete.

Beta badge specs

It’s important to communicate that the feature is experimental and doesn’t yet do all the things it should or will.

Use this badge when we’re getting early feedback on a feature, usually with a small group of customers.


The beta badge appears next to the page header only.

Beta badge header example

Beta badge header example


Customers can’t dismiss the beta label. It’s up to the product and design team working on the new feature to figure out when the test period is over and the beta label can come down.


To help customers who are using the product with screen readers, the aria label should be set as “[Feature name] beta.”

What NOT to do

Don’t use beta badges on navigation items. Unlike the new feature badges, the beta badge shouldn’t really attract much attention to itself. It’s just there to let customers know the feature is a work in progress.

An example of where beta badges should NOT go

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