Powering prosperity
around the world

Prosperity is a personal thing. It means different things to different people. Whether it’s defined as wealth, achievement, or personal freedom—when our customers prosper, we all do. They make up the world’s largest workforce and drive the global economy.

We work for them.

It’s our job to provide the tools, resources, and community to tip the odds in their favor. Together we power prosperity around the world.

Brand vision

We are the champion of
those who dare to dream

We are the champion of those who dare to dream. We strive to be the most trusted business partner and the first place people turn when they’re making the move into working for themselves. Customers know we’ve got their interests at heart, that we protect them and are an advocate on their behalf.

We give them a collective voice, we listen, we encourage, and we guide.

We get what matters to them because it matters to us. We’re here so they don’t have to pursue their dreams alone. We’ve got their back and we’re with them through highs and lows.

Brand attributes

Passionate in nature

Our customers inspire us. We’re fired up about the opportunities ahead and our enthusiasm propels us forward.

Optimistic in outlook

No matter the job, we’re up for the task. We’re positive and confident in our approach and always keep our minds open to new opportunities and possibilities.

Proactive in action

We don’t wait to see what happens next, we anticipate it. We always try and stay one step ahead with an eye firmly on the horizon.

Empathetic to all

To keep our customers at the heart of everything we do, we take the time to listen and consider every perspective.

Platform vision

The smarter way to do business

Smart money

A platform that helps businesses understand their cash flow and financial health, gets paid faster, keep more of their money, and get access to capital when they need it.

Smart decisions

A platform that harnesses the power of data and artificial intelligence to automate bookkeeping, simplify decision making, and give every business insights to make better and faster decisions.

Smart connections

A platform that unlocks the power of the largest small business network to tip the world in their favor by connecting them to the right team of partners, vendors, customers, and workers.

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