Animations that inform and celebrate key moments on the customer’s journey. Storytelling animations are expressive and help set the tone.


Illustrate how to complete a task or communicate progress.

Polite interruption
When appropriate, animations might interrupt to inform or educate.

Minimal interaction
The system auto plays animations with minimal to no interaction required.


Seamless transition between states in an interface. Micro-motion is a subtle way to help focus and guide customers.


State change
A response to user interaction or system status that transitions from one context to another.

Helps provide focus and a clear next step.

Subtle and imperceptible while creating a signature feeling to the experience.

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Forward momentum

We communicate progress and a sense of accomplishment to our users with forward movement.

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Animation easing

Easing adds acceleration and deceleration, creating motion that resembles the way things move in the physical world.

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