Illustrations are imperative to storytelling. We use them to tell the diverse stories of our customers and share their craft and aspirations.


We use illustration to drive emotion. It represents our customer journey and QuickBooks as a whole. We reflect this through active, organic, and approachable illustrations. They create connections in the right moments.


Illustrations proactively guide users while supporting messages. We use them sparingly to provide clarity without creating distraction or taking away from the message.

Utility set

Utility illustrations are used in-product as a single-subject matter. You can combine them with one another to describe a feature workflow.


Utility color palette

We use green and teal as the primary colors for our utility illustrations.

HEX #53B700 is used to highlight deatils. HEX #00C1BF is for line details within the illustration.



All utility illustrations sit inside a 120px by 120px image container.

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