The marketing global header navigation contains elements that provide consistent context and access to key functions throughout the site, and must be included at the top of every screen that takes a header. This convention provides a consistent user experience across all screens.

When to use

  • Required on all screens
  • For all level one and level two navigation

When not to use

For navigation to content that resides within the core architecture of the site.


The marketing global header navigation supports level one and level two navigation. Navigation is displayed horizontally and provides a common system that allows users access to core content. Level one navigation is used for distinct sections of the site, and level two is used for content directly related to level one.
All level one labels remain clickable at all times. Once a level one label is selected, all level two labels are displayed in a drop-down and are clickable. Rolling over a level two label underlines the label text.

US header

Desktop view

Global header

Desktop view


Sketch download


Photoshop download


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