Our customers use switches to toggle between two states (like on and off), and the changes should take effect instantaneously. Depending on the interaction, a switch can be either a toggle or a checkbox.


Which one to use, a switch or a checkbox? Here are some tips for deciding which works best:

  • Use a switch for binary settings when changes are instantaneous upon state change.
  • Use a checkbox when there are extra steps for changes to be effective. If a click is needed, like a Continue or Next button to apply changes, use a checkbox.
  • Use checkboxes when users can select multiple items.

Appearance and behavior

Large switch

Off / On

Small switch

Off / On

Launch Preview
px wide


  • On/Off labels inside each state
  • Fixed text


  • Controls content that appears/disappears onscreen (Think how things show/hide when turning on your bluetooth setting on iOS).


  • Make sure users can see the effects of using the switch immediately.


  • Remove labels from inside switches.
  • Use a Switch on every single table row. Use checkboxes instead.
  • Use if an additional action is still required for it to take effect.
  • Use a different size other than what’s specified for your context.
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