To come across as a single brand to QuickBooks users, we use our brand assets consistently throughout the entire experience. QuickBooks Design System office hours help us do that with excellence. You can check in with office hours whenever you’re using a brand asset.

  • Get answers to questions about the QuickBooks brand.
  • Help us see gaps and opportunities where the brand can grow.
  • Offer suggestions about brand execution, direction, and even education.
  • Discuss where a certain design or project might need to differ from the brand.

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The design system team hosts office hours for brand, design, and content topics:

  • Want to know what pattern to use, where to find a guideline, or if another team is solving a similar problem?
  • Want to extend a pattern or prepare before adding a pattern proposal?
  • Need a working session around your design challenges?

Get more information and sign up for office hours.

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