Content design elevates user experiences

Content is why customers use our products. They come to us to manage their own content (business and tax information) and to see other content that helps them do it better. We employ voice, tone, style, and strategy to design content our customers need to succeed.

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Voice and tone

When we design user interfaces, conversations, help articles, and other content, we act as a proactive champion, working for our customers. Our voice and tone attributes and principles help us know what it feels and sounds like to be this champion.


Proactive, optimistic, passionate, empathetic


It’s about them, their language, their experience, their success


Hear our voice and tone in product and marketing content

More content fundamentals

Find additional guidance for specific content channels, such as conversational interfaces, emails, and help. And make sure editorial style issues and terms don’t get in customers’ way.


Conversation design, emails, errors, help, mobile


Usage, formatting, punctuation, word list, brands, and checklist

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