• Fixed an issue where emails on Outlooks for PC weren’t scaling up properly if the user had zoomed-in their screen settings.
  • Fixed an issue where horizontal lines were randomly appearing in Outlook 2016 for PC.
  • Implemented standard code for superscripts
  • Buttons now have hover states
  • Buttons are 100% clickable in most clients, whereas only the button text was clickable in prior versions


  • Implemented Avenir, which will be viewable in ~50-60% of clients
  • Some primary marketing modules have been updated to center alignment on desktop clients to achieve better visual balance.
  • Buttons span full width on mobile in order to have a greater tap target
  • Margins have been increased from 22px to 40px on desktop, and from 5% to 8% on each side on mobile.
  • “Quote” and “Alert” modules have been visually refreshed
  • Seldom-used modules have been removed
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