United Kingdom

Connect your practice


Surfacing the benefits of connecting to HMRC, and why it's important for the customer to engage in the setup flow.

Visualising the connection process to emphasise its simplicity, and keep the friction level low - "This is all it takes".

Not so good

Don't overload a zero state with supporting info that can be displayed further in the flow, and avoid technical or complex language at all costs. Keep it simple.


This zero state is for accountants in QBOA, and user testing showed a preference for more straightforward messaging. For example, "Connect your practice" as a headline tested slightly better than "Making tax delightful".

Simplify personal taxes


Self assessment. It's a walk in the park.

This message addresses a subject that's associated with stress at the year-end, and frames the benefits of simplicity of submitting tax on the go (with a subtle play on words). It's also complemented by an illustration that builds on the aspirational theme.

Not so good

Do you dread self assessment? We have the answer.

This focuses on a negative sentiment. It also shifts the tone towards what we do, rather than how the customer benefits overall.
Focus on the benefits


A penny saved, a penny earned
Grab a great exchange rate to make your money go further.

Do more than tell users what the feature does. Give them a reason to engage with it.

Not so good

(ex)Change your life
Use exchange rates to save time and money.

Be wary of overstating or preaching. Keep the benefit clear and don’t cloud it up with strange wordplay.
Celebrate customer success


Your business has really taken off.

This content congratulates customers and encourages them to take the next step to build on their success.

Not so good

Congratulations on your success. Isn’t tracking profit in QuickBooks amazing?

We don’t blow our own trumpet, even when we're trying to promote a cool feature.