This page contains existing QuickBooks typography examples. Preview the new Intuit Design System typography guidelines here.

Simplified typography

This typographical scale is comprised of a subset of the existing text styles currently used in QuickBooks. By narrowing down the number of available font sizes, we ensure consistency across the site. This will help pave the way to an improved typographical scale using the new math in future versions of our design system.

If at any point you encounter a font size that is not represented on this subset, please choose the nearest value according to the hierarchical requirements in your design.

Available text sizes

Geogrotesque is a display font and should only be used as such. It is used as a headline in the badge and sometimes as text in advertisements and other publications. In digital environments, it is available in three sizes.

AvenirNext forINTUIT is our body font and has four styles: Regular, Medium, Demi and Italic.

Marketing Styles

Geogrotesque Extra Large 60pt/65pt

Geogrotesque Large 44pt/48pt

Geogrotesque Medium 32pt/36pt

AvenirNext forINTUIT Large 28pt/32pt

AvenirNext forINTUIT Medium 24pt/28pt

AvenirNext forINTUIT Book 19pt/24pt

Geogrotesque Small 15pt/20pt

AvenirNext forINTUIT Small 12pt/16pt

Typography on the atomic grid

Core typography guidelines

  1. Create clear visual hierarchy
  2. Minimize use of styling and color per page
  3. Avoid uppercase

For Geogrotesque

  • Headlines should be short and no more than 2-3 lines.
  • Avoid using as plain body text, because it works best as a display font.


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