trait purpose

Our motion is intentional, we do not move without reason. Our motivation is to drive interaction, reinforce spatial awareness, and reveal simple paths through complex tasks.

trait story

We use motion to tell a story. Some tasks we undertake on behalf of our customers can be elaborate and time-consuming.These moments create an opportunity to gain customer confidence. By using motion in concert with our other brand elements (visual, voice and tone, etc.) we can illustrate the complexity of a task and visualize the work we are undertaking on their behalf.

trait pace

Motion is the heartbeat of our brand. Our pace is swift and fluid. We transport customers between environments promptly. Our movements begin with a prompt departure and conclude with a smoothing ease. Responsive interaction with calming terminus.

trait style

Look for opportunities to reinforce our personality – a confirmation of success, an important notification, a special offer. During these moments of delight, we add our signature flair that is easily recognized as QuickBooks.

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