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Below are guidelines and best practices to ensure a strong and consistent customer experience when opening an email from QuickBooks.

From name

The “from name” is one of the first elements that factors into whether or not the recipient will open your email. To ensure a consistent and trusting customer experience across the ecosystem, our from name should be standardized as “Intuit QuickBooks”.

In addition to customer experience, a standardized from name increases the strength of the QuickBooks brand while lessening concerns around deliverability.


Subject lines

All email service providers have different maximum character lengths for displaying subject lines, but research shows that subject lines around 50 characters (5 to 7 words) consistently have the highest open rates.

Subject lines should refer directly to the content of the email (alerts, reminders, marketing, etc) and avoid obvious spam-type language such as all caps, multiple explanation points, and words like “free” or “buy now”.



The preheader is text that comes after or below the email subject line. This content should help explain the benefit or critical information of the messaging contained inside the email. Preheaders should work in conjunction with the subject line to provide click-worthy insight.

Like subject lines, email providers have highly variable standards for the maximum amount of characters displayed for preheaders. A study done by “Email on Acid” reviews character limits across the most popular email clients and recommends a preheader of 50-100 characters.



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