The After task modal is presented to a user when there is a predefined action that makes an offering or next step that is related to the workflow/task they just completed, usually something that can help them work faster, more efficient, or is compliance related. The purpose of this experience is to prompt users to move onto a next step that we recommend to improve their workflow.


The After task modal is displayed as a modal after the user completes a predefined action (i.e. ran payroll, entered an expense, or added a customer). It can only be used to present a next step to the user that is actionable and related to the workflow they just completed.

  • There should be a toast built into the modal that congratulates the user on the step they just completed.
  • The visual image should be an icon that is related to the next step that we are recommending.
  • The main copy should relate to the next step that we are recommending.
    The sub copy should explain how this next step will help them work faster, be compliant, be more efficient, etc.
  • There should be at least a primary action that will take the user to complete the next step.
  • There can optionally be a secondary action depending on the needs of the design.
  • There are two widths that you may use, 375px or 600px. The smaller one is recommended if you can keep your content short and succinct.

Appearance and behavior

Here’s what a small after task modal looks like.

And here’s a large after task modal.

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