The Before Task Modal allow users to decide if they want to go through a specific experience that has been designed to aid them in understanding how a particular feature/workflow/process works. The purpose of this experience is to teach the user an overview of the task/flow they are about to begin.


The Before task modal displays a modal dialog prior to a user starting a new flow for the first time. It interrupts them during first use of a feature/task to expose them to a dedicated FTU experience.

The modal can act as a fork in the road for a user that is exploring the product or launch a guided tour of the process they are looking at. The illustration gives the user an overview of the process before they jump in.

  • Because this is an interruptive experience, use sparingly.
  • Use a modal when the user enters a flow.
  • Allow for the user to opt out of the experience if they choose to.
  • Allow the user to dismiss and be reminded to do it at a later time.
  • Only used when there is a specifically designed experience for the user to engage in other than the normal ongoing use.

Appearance and behavior

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