(Being combined into other components.)

The Before Task Trowser allows users to decide if they want to go through a specific experience. It has been designed to aid them in understanding how a particular feature/workflow/process works. The purpose of this experience is to prepare the user for the task/flow they are about to begin.


The Before Task Trowser appears as the first step of a process that a user has initiated. It can help them understand both the ultimate benefit of the process and how they will go about achieving it. It can also build confidence in a new process or a big change in workflow.

Because of the Trowser form-factor, this does not feel as interruptive as the Before Task Modal and can be used more freely. It should probably be avoided for especially simple or straightforward tasks.

  • Insert before any lengthy, difficult, or otherwise important processes
  • Use to boost confidence and clarity of the cost/benefit ratio of a process
  • Include when users are feeling overwhelmed or ill-equipped for a process

Appearance and behavior

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