The help pop-out provides complete answers to complex help questions.


Use the help pop-out when in-depth information is helpful to the user. For example: During QuickBooks setup, we require information from a specific government document, and the link sends the user to a help topic describing why the user needs a certain document and where to find it.

Content guidelines

Link capitalization is sentence case (e.g. Learn more)

Appearance and behavior


The help pop-out content is sticky. If the user navigates to a different page in the product while it is open, the help popover should continue to show the same help content unless the user takes action inside the popover, like another search.

The help pop-out can be minimized and dragged to any location on the screen, but it always stays on top, even if navigating to another screen or trowser.




  • Use common language to inform users what the link leads to.


  • Don’t use phrases such as “click here” without providing any context.
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