QuickBooks Online uses three login interstitials: What’s new, critical alerts, and a customer satisfaction survey. Use What’s new and critical alerts after login to inform customers of key information that could help them save time or solve current pain points.


Critical alerts:

  • Your credit card expires in # days
  • Your Payroll trial ends in # days

What’s new:

  • For new or underutilized features, like Sync with PayPal or Multi currency
  • For targeted local events, like QuickBooks Connect
  • Do not use for price promotions, broad attach offers (like Payments), bug fixes, or learning content.

Appearance and behavior

Always show critical alerts first, alone and repeated. For What’s new, show three messages at a time maximum. Show one interstitial per month (e.g., if a customer sees a critical alert, don’t show them What’s new or a survey in the same time frame).

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