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QuickBooks Self-EmployedQuickBooks Self-EmployedQuickBooksSelf-EmployedOnline [FMS]     —     —
QuickBooks Self-Employed Mileage CalculatorQuickBooks Self-Employed Mileage CalculatorQuickBooksSelf-EmployedOnline [FMS] Mileage Calculator     —
QuickBooks Self-Employed Tax BundleQuickBooks Self-Employed Tax Bundle¹QuickBooksSelf-EmployedOnline [FMS]     —Tax Bundle
QuickBooks Self-Employed AppQuickBooks Self-Employed App²QuickBooksSelf-EmployedOnline [FMS]App     —
QuickBooks Self-Employed for iPhoneQuickBooks Self-Employed for iOS QuickBooksSelf-EmployedOnline [FMS] [App]for iOS / Android
Intuit WorkforceQuickBooks [TBD]³QuickBooksSelf-EmployedOnline [FMS]     —     —


[Square Brackets]=implied meaning rather than explicitly being part of the name

¹ This is the QBSE and TurboTax bundle

² Use QuickBooks Self-Employed App when referring to the app-based product without platform descriptor. This allows to differentiate between the QuickBooks “core” product. When the platform (OS) is readily identifiable like in the Apple App Store, or in an app icon, “App” is not required.

³ Intuit Workforce will now be under the QuickBooks brand as it is a service for businesses that serve the Self-Employed segment. Intuit and QuickBooks brand leaders working through this decision.

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