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QuickBooks Online AccountantQuickBooks Online AccountantQuickBooksAccountantOnline  [FMS]     —     —
QuickBooks Online Accountant AppQuickBooks Online Accountant App for WindowsQuickBooksAccountantOnline  [FMS] Appfor Windows
QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus 2016QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus 2016QuickBooksAccountantDesktop [FMS]     —Plus 2016
QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Accountant ToolboxQuickBooks Accountant Desktop Accountant ToolboxQuickBooksAccountantDesktop [FMS]Accountant Toolbox     —
QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Client CollaboratorQuickBooks Accountant Desktop Client Collaborator QuickBooksAccountantDesktop [FMS]Client Collaborator     —
QuickBooks ProAdvisorQuickBooks ProAdvisor¹QuickBooks[Small Business]ProAdvisor     —     —
QuickBooks ProAdvisor ProgramQuickBooks ProAdvisor ProgramQuickBooks[Accountant]ProAdvisor Program     —     —
QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program DeluxeQuickBooks ProAdvisor Program DeluxeQuickBooks[Accountant]ProAdvisor Program     —Deluxe
QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program PremiumQuickBooks ProAdvisor Program PremiumQuickBooks[Accountant]ProAdvisor Program     —Premium
QuickBooks Find-a-ProAdvisorQuickBooks Find-a-ProAdvisorQuickBooks[Small Business]     — Find-a-ProAdvisor     —
QuickBooks ProAdvisor Advanced Certification Education (ACE)QuickBooks ProAdvisor Advanced Certification Education (ACE)QuickBooks[Accountant]ProAdvisor Advanced Certification Education (ACE)     —


[Square Brackets]=implied meaning rather than explicitly being part of the name

¹ The decision to remove Accountant in QuickBooks Accountant ProAdvisor name was made to ensure that the ProAdvisor is inclusive of both accountants and bookkeepers. Furthermore, the QuickBooks ProAdvisor is also a service for small businesses.


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