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QuickBooks OnlineQuickBooks OnlineQuickBooks[Small Business]Online [FMS]    —    —
QuickBooks Online Simple StartQuickBooks Online Simple Start¹QuickBooks[Small Business]Online [FMS]    —Simple Start
QuickBooks Online EssentialsQuickBooks Online EssentialsQuickBooks[Small Business]Online [FMS]    —Essentials
QuickBooks Online PlusQuickBooks Online PlusQuickBooks[Small Business]Online [FMS]    —Plus
QuickBooks Online TrialQuickBooks Online TrialQuickBooks[Small Business]Online [FMS]    —Trial
QuickBooks Online Mac New UserQuickBooks Mac²QuickBooks[Small Business]Online [FMS]    —Mac


[Square Brackets]=implied meaning rather than explicitly being part of the name

¹ Canada: QuickBooks EasyStart

² This is essentially a marketing bundle consisting of QuickBooks [Online FMS] and QuickBooks App for Mac.

FROM: TO:Brand Level 0Level 1 Level 2Level 3
QuickBooksQuickBooks DesktopQuickBooks[Small Business]Desktop [FMS]    —     —
QuickBooks ProQuickBooks Desktop ProQuickBooks[Small Business]Desktop [FMS]     —Pro
QuickBooks PremierQuickBooks Desktop PremierQuickBooks[Small Business]Desktop [FMS]     —Premier
QuickBooks Mac Desktop 2016QuickBooks Mac Desktop 2016¹QuickBooks[Small Business]Desktop [FMS]     —Mac Desktop 2016


[Square Brackets]=implied meaning rather than explicitly being part of the name

¹ No change in name as we are not revving product and legally are not allowed to make any changes to the product name.

FROM: TO:Brand Level 0Level 1 Level 2Level 3
QuickBooks EnterpriseQuickBooks Desktop EnterpriseQuickBooks[Small Business]Desktop Enterprise [FMS]     —     —
QuickBooks Enterprise SilverQuickBooks Desktop Enterprise SilverQuickBooks[Small Business]Desktop Enterprise [FMS]     —Silver
QuickBooks Enterprise GoldQuickBooks Desktop Enterprise GoldQuickBooks[Small Business]Desktop Enterprise [FMS]     —Gold
QuickBooks Enterprise PlatinumQuickBooks Desktop Enterprise PlatinumQuickBooks[Small Business]Desktop Enterprise [FMS]     —Platinum
QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced InventoryQuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Advanced Inventory QuickBooks[Small Business]Desktop Enterprise [FMS]Advanced Inventory    —
QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced PricingQuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Advanced PricingQuickBooks[Small Business]Desktop Enterprise [FMS]Advanced Pricing     —
QuickBooks Enterprise Electronic Data InterchangeQuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Electronic Data InterchangeQuickBooks[Small Business]Desktop Enterprise [FMS]Electronic Data Interchange     —
QuickBooks Enterprise Manufacturing and WholesaleQuickBooks Desktop Enterprise for Category¹QuickBooks[Small Business]Desktop Enterprise [FMS]     —for Category
QuickBooks Enterprise with HostingQuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting²QuickBooks[Small Business]Desktop Enterprise [FMS]     —with Hosting


[Square Brackets]=implied meaning rather than explicitly being part of the name

¹ Categories: manufacturing, contractor, wholesale, retail, nonprofit

² This is a product bundle consisting of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise and Rights Networks Hosting

FROM: TO:Brand Level 0Level 1 Level 2Level 3
QuickBooks Online Mobile AppQuickBooks Online App¹QuickBooks[Small Business]Online [FMS] App     —
QuickBooks Online for iPhoneQuickBooks Online for iOSQuickBooks[Small Business]Online [FMS][App]for iOS / Android
QuickBooks Desktop ClientQuickBooks Online for MacQuickBooks[Small Business]Online [FMS] [App]for Mac / Windows
Android Play Store Exception:
QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Accounting and Invoicing²QuickBooks[Small Business]Online [FMS] [App]Accounting and Invoicing


[Square Brackets]=implied meaning rather than explicitly being part of the name

¹ Use QuickBooks App when referring to the app-based product without platform descriptor. This allows to differentiate between the QuickBooks “core” product. When the platform (OS) is readily identifiable like in the Apple App Store, or in an app icon, “App” is not required.

² This is a naming exception for specific Android Play Store channel marketing.
Rationale: As we focus on mobile, we’re paying more attention to app store optimization (ASO), which is the app store equivalent of SEO.  75% of apps are found via in app store search; we must rank organically at the top (apparently it’s top 5 or bust).  Like on the web, key words in titles and descriptions drive rankings – even more than ratings. Therefore, the team will use QuickBooks Accounting and Invoicing on Andriod App Store.

FROM: TO:Brand Level 0Level 1 Level 2Level 3
QuickBooks Online PayrollQuickBooks Online Payroll¹QuickBooks[Small Business]Online [FMS]Payroll


QuickBooks Online Enhanced PayrollQuickBooks Online Payroll EnhancedQuickBooks[Small Business]Online [FMS] PayrollEnhanced
QuickBooks Online Full Service PayrollQuickBooks Online Payroll Full ServiceQuickBooks[Small Business]Online [FMS] PayrollFull Service
QuickBooks PayrollQuickBooks Desktop Payroll²QuickBooks[Small Business]Desktop [FMS] Payroll     —
Intuit Online PayrollIntuit Online Payroll³Intuit[Small Business] Payroll     —
Intuit ViewMyPaycheckTBDQuickBooks[Small Business]Online [FMS]     —     —


[Square Brackets]=implied meaning rather than explicitly being part of the name

¹ For QuickBooks Online, payroll is a level 2 feature, and not a level 1 product as you need QuickBooks Online in order to use QBOP. The standalone version is Intuit Online Payroll which doesn’t integrate or transfer to QuickBooks Online.

² For QuickBooks Desktop, payroll is a level 2 feature, and not a standalone, so should lead with the FMS.

³ Will not be rebranding any Intuit Online Payroll product names to QuickBooks.

FROM: TO:Brand Level 0Level 1 Level 2Level 3
QuickBooks PaymentsQuickBooks PaymentsQuickBooks[Small Business]Payments     —     —
QuickBooks Payments for DesktopQuickBooks Payments for Desktop¹QuickBooks[Small Business]Payments     —for Desktop
QuickBooks Payments Email InvoicingQuickBooks Payments Email InvoicingQuickBooks[Small Business]PaymentsEmail Invoicing     —
QuickBooks Payments Pay as you goQuickBooks Payments Pay as you goQuickBooks[Small Business]Payments     —Pay as you go
QuickBooks Payments  Merchant Service CenterQuickBooks Payments QuickBooks[Small Business]Payments     —     —
QuickBooks Ecommerce PaymentsQuickBooks Payments for EcommerceQuickBooks[Small Business]Payments     —for Ecommerce
QuickBooks GoPayment(TBD)QuickBooks[Small Business]Payments[App] for iPhone / Android
QuickBooks GoPayment Card ReaderQuickBooks Payments Card ReaderQuickBooks[Small Business]Payments Card Reader     —
QuickBooks GoPayment Card ReaderQuickBooks Payments EMV Card ReaderQuickBooks[Small Business]Payments EMV Card Reader     —


[Square Brackets]=implied meaning rather than explicitly being part of the name

¹ One QuickBooks Payments account works across different FMS platforms, and as a standalone product in Merchant Service Center and GoPayment.

FROM: TO:Brand Level 0Level 1 Level 2Level 3
QuickBooks Point of SaleQuickBooks Point of SaleQuickBooks[Small Business]Point of Sale    —     —
QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by RevelQuickBooks Point of Sale powered by RevelQuickBooks[Small Business]Point of Sale     —powered by Revel
QuickBooks Point of Sale DesktopQuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop¹QuickBooks[Small Business]Point of Sale    —for [QuickBooks] Desktop
QuickBooks Point of Sale iPad POS SystemQuickBooks Point of Sale for iPad²QuickBooks[Small Business]Point of Sale     —for iPad
QuickBooks Point of Sale Wired Bar Code ScannerQuickBooks Point of Sale Wired Bar Code Scanner QuickBooks[Small Business]Point of SaleWired Bar Code Scanner     —
QuickBooks Point of Sale Receipt PrinterQuickBooks Point of Sale Receipt PrinterQuickBooks[Small Business]Point of SaleReceipt Printer     —


[Square Brackets]=implied meaning rather than explicitly being part of the name

¹ “For Desktop” is recommended as it is not a seamless integration but a sync between services similar to a 3rd Party App integration, but branded QuickBooks

² This product is tailored specifically for iPad. As a result, we use the iPad modifier instead of iOS.

FROM: TO:Brand Level 0Level 1 Level 2Level 3
QuickBooks Checks and SuppliesQuickBooks Checks & SuppliesQuickBooks[Small Business]Checks & Supplies     —     —
QuickBooks Checks and Supplies Voucher ChecksQuickBooks Checks & Supplies Voucher ChecksQuickBooks[Small Business]Checks &
Voucher Checks     —
QuickBooks Checks and Supplies Wallet ChecksQuickBooks Checks & Supplies Wallet ChecksQuickBooks[Small Business]Checks &
Wallet Checks     —
QuickBooks Checks and Supplies Standard ChecksQuickBooks Checks & Supplies Standard ChecksQuickBooks[Small Business]Checks &
Standard Checks     —
QuickBooks Checks and Supplies Secure Plus Voucher ChecksQuickBooks Checks & Supplies Voucher Checks Secure Plus QuickBooks[Small Business]Checks &
Voucher ChecksSecure Plus


[Square Brackets]=implied meaning rather than explicitly being part of the name


FROM: TO:Brand Level 0Level 1 Level 2Level 3
QuickBooks FinancingQuickBooks FinancingQuickBooks[Small Business]Financing     —     —
QuickBooks Financing Term LoanQuickBooks Financing Term LoanQuickBooks[Small Business]FinancingTerm Loan    —
QuickBooks Financing Line of CreditQuickBooks Financing Line of CreditQuickBooks[Small Business]FinancingLine of Credit     —
QuickBooks Financing Invoice FinancingQuickBooks Financing Invoice FinancingQuickBooks[Small Business]FinancingInvoice Financing     —


[Square Brackets]=implied meaning rather than explicitly being part of the name

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