The badge is a passionate exclamation of our customers business reality. It is used as a highlight, an encouragement and summary in telling a comprehensive customer story. The badge articulates the pride small business owners have in running their business with passion in order to achieve success.

The language of the badge should feel genuine and meaningful. It should be used thoughtfully and sparingly

Badges are a critical element in our ongoing assurance that our customers are the driver of their business future and we are the co-pilot sincerely assisting them at any moment fueling their success.

The story of the badge

Many small businesses start out with a passion, to do things better, to make things right. This passion often manifests itself in the display of their business. Particular in the signage which announces to the public who their are. There is a remarkable art and craftsmanship in signage in every decade in every culture around the globe.

We are using an adaptation of this distinct signal to articulate the needs and desires of small business owners in a contemporary world continuing a timeless desire for outstanding quality and distinct craftsmanship.

Badge Example 1    Badge Example 2





Creating a successful badge

All the elements to create a meaningful badge






Available badge shapes





Typographic guidelines for badges

  • Use one badge at a time, in a purposeful manner.
  • Use two or three lines of copy at most.
  • The badge color is always QuickBooks green, #2CA01C.
  • Smaller type cannot be less than one-third the size of the larger type.
  • Type should be centered in the badge.
  • Leave at least half the size of the larger type as clear space around the text.






Scaling badges

Certain badges have the flexibility to stretch horizontally or vertically (noted in the example below). You can do this as long as the badge maintains the same proportions and shape, like this.





Badge Proportions

Below illustrates the correct and incorrect proportions for badge sizes in relation to the hero portrait image. The segment should be the primary focus, while the badge should complement the subject.


Correct proportions



Incorrect proportions



Incorrect proportions


Cropping badges

Select badges may be scaled and cropped in an purposeful manner to create an abstract field of green. When requiring a container for content, these cropped badge shapes may be used. These crops may be also be used as a divider to separate content.

• In order to build brand recognition for the badges, you must incorporate a non-cropped badge within the end-to-end experience.

• Use green intentionally. Keep in mind that the amount of green in the layout must be used strategically to call attention to the elements on the page.

• Color of cropped badge must remain QuickBooks green.

• Type within a cropped badge must be reversed out to white or Gray 07.

• Crops must be of a badge shape, not a newly created green shape

Approved badge shapes that can be cropped:



Examples of cropped badges:





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