Spot graphics describe product functions and benefits. They are used in marketing materials and product overview pages. Spot graphics help to differentiate concepts, bring content to life, establish information hierarchies and function as visuals for topics across channels. They should not be overused or carelessly sprinkled in content.

Highlight product features

Highlight product features illustration

Spot graphics are used to highlight product features in a meaningful way. These features need to be agreed upon between product marketing managers and designers and should not exceed more than 12-20 graphics on a page. We expect images to change based on product releases and campaigns.


Explain benefits

Explain Benefits illustration

Spot graphics that explain benefits need to be strictly aligned with marketing campaign objectives to avoid an arbitrary display of benefits. They need to be used consistently across channels to reinforce value. Please consult with your marketing and product marketing partners to align on top level benefits.


Introduce segments













Segment characters
Don’t use segment characters as generic people. They signify our customer segments and need to be used consistently.


Explain workflows

Explain Workflows Illustration 1

Explain Workflows Illustration 2

Workflow graphics explain complex financial flows to customers and simplify them for their consumption. They are often used in email campaigns.


Editorial graphics

Editorial Graphics illustration 1

Editorial Graphics illustration 2         Editorial Graphics illustration 3          Editorial Graphics illustration 4          Editorial Graphics illustration 5

Small business scenes create a backdrop or opening statement to illustrate an in-depth concept. They are composed of individual parts which can easily be taken apart and used as smaller components. They are effective tools to tell a story from an overview to in-depth explanations. Editorial graphics can easily be complemented with additional spot graphics.


Motivational illustrations

Motivational illustrations


Motivational images are used for temporary marketing campaigns and need to be agreed upon by marketing managers and designers.


How to implement spot graphics






Mechanics and rules

Size for spotgraphics illustration

The size for spot graphics is 100 x 80 pixels.

There should never be more then 8 spot graphics in one content sections or on one page. If you feel it requires more, please consult with the QuickBooks brand team.


Aligning spot graphics and text

Aligning spotgraphics and text0
Track your expenses
Snap photos of receipts and link them to
transactions to keep organized
Watch video



Spot graphics and text is left justified. The descriptor below the graphic should not exceed a small header of 3 lines of text.

The distance between graphic and text is 20 pixels.

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