The QuickBooks logotype is the main identifier of the brand; it represents the QuickBooks story as a stand alone element. In visually overwhelming spaces, it also takes a stand against competitors and opposing messaging and must be treated with great care, protecting its integrity at all times.

Construction of the logotype specifications

Logo guidelines:

  • Don’t separate the symbol from the type treatment of the mark.
  • Don’t place our logo on a background pattern, busy image, or illustration.
  • Our logo requires a clear space all around its border to stand out.
  • If you use a reversed logo, make sure you clearly distinguish it from the background.
  • The background and logo must have a high contrast between them, and the logo should always be perfectly legible.




Logo clearspace

logo reversed color

Reversed logo in color



reversed black and white logo

Black and white logo




Reversed logo



While the primary logo should always be your first option, the alternate logo can be used in those rare times when you have significant space constraints.




Reversed logo in color




Black and white logo




Reversed logo



The minimum size protects the clear legibility of our logotype. The QB ball can never be displayed small than 26 pixels or 0.5 inches.





Below illustrates an array of examples of what not to do with the QuickBooks logo in order to protect its integrity.

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