In order to build brand equity in the Intuit QuickBooks logo, and prevent perpetuating product sub-brands, we have eliminated locking up Product Names with our logo. Even though the QuickBooks logo remains the primary brand identifier, the Product Name should be readily identifiable in all executions, and should be the most prominent. In order to do this successfully, it will require thoughtfully crafted content and will vary based on context.


In all executions, the product name should be the 2/3 height as the logo mark, AvenirNext forINTUIT in black. Product Name should include QuickBooks (Ex. QuickBooks Self-Employed)

The proportions are fixed, but placement of these elements is flexible, and will vary by asset and context. The minimum space between product name and logo is 2x of the logo mark.

Placement is flexible
These five example outline how placement is flexible, depending on the asset and its messaging hierarchy. Maintaining distance between these elements is key. The minimum distance between the logo and the product name is 2x.

Stacking the product name is acceptable depending on the asset and its real estate.

QBSE Exception 1

Self-Employed product experience
The QuickBooks logomark should always be top left, followed by the product name.

In space constrained assets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), the QuickBooks logomark should always be on top left as the social icon. The Product Name is highlighted as part of title and in context.

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