In the Intuit Self-Employed ecosystem there is a one-time exception to pair the TurboTax and QuickBooks logos. We do this to communicate a smooth, unified experience between the two brands. Here are guidelines for how we present the two logos together.





Brand logo with product/sku name lockup.

Preceded with “from” treatment

Brand logo pairing


TurboTax & QBSE brand-shake priorities:

1. Lead with benefits and values.
2. Prominence of brands should be driven by the role each brand plays in delivering key benefits.
3. Intuit should be visible at all times to serve as connective tissue.
4. Utilize cornerstone brand equites to add credibility to Intuit.
5. Be mindful of not bastardizing current brand assets.

TurboTax experience flow
If the objective of the screen includes communicating that the cornerstone brands are from the same company, use the pairing of brand logos treatment to visually substantiate the connection of the brands. Order of logos should being with the brand that’s being introduced.



Cornerstone to cornerstone

Start with brand of origin followed by brand destination.


QuickBooks experience flow


Cornerstone to cornerstone


TurboTax loop


Start with brand of origin followed by brand destination.



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