Our photography system serves distinctly the mission of our brand fueling small business success. Visual stories are ranked around our customers. The imagery shows their vision. It is a way of objectively and truthfully depicting their reality making it easy accessible to the observer.

The flexible photography system shifts from up-close and intimate ‘hero moment’ portraits to broader settings where the camera has pulled back and off the edges to reveal their environment.



Primary photography



The photography showcases the remarkable energy small business owners have in persuing their dreams as well as individual differences which make them unique and remarkable each in their own way. Our primay imagery captures them in authentic moments helping the observer to see their stories in an honest, direct, and trustworthy way.

Secondary imagery



The secondary photography features scenarios of our customer or partner at work, passionately and honestly absorbed in their craft and product shown in a situation. It creates the transition explaining how QuickBooks integrates into their lifes supporting their workstyle and agenda.

There are two types of secondary photos

Secondary Environmental: These photos depict owners immersed in their work in a natural environment.

Secondary Detail: These photos focus on the details of the owner’s environment that further illustrate their story. Product shots are included as naturally as possible.

Product photography



Product photography is the end or the beginning of the journey, explaining the explicit features and benefits of the product. The product is shown the small business environment, but the surrounding should not distract from product and functions.

Scaling the photography for all channels




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