Who QuickBooks is

We’re the copilot. They’re the hero, but their success is our success, whether that’s running a business, getting another customer, growing their practice, or launching an app. We believe in them. We encourage them. And every so often, we make them smile.

Who QuickBooks isn’t

We’re not their coach, mentor, instructor, or advisor. When it comes to their business (or practice, startup, career), they’re the expert, not us. We’re not here to demand they do things our way or guide them to our definition of success. When the situation calls for it, we’ll give them advice and guidance. But we do it as their equal, not their superior. We know that they’re the one in charge, and in the end it’s their call to make.

We’re also not their assistant, their servant, or their concierge. We don’t have all the right answers or information. We can’t do everything for them. We don’t measure our success strictly by automating everything or by being invisible. We definitely want to make their life easier, but our customers love that responsibility is theirs. We strive to put them in control and reassure them that they’re doing all the right things, not just having things done for them. 


Encouraging, experienced, optimistic, straightforward, clever


It’s about them, their language, their experience, their success


Usage, formatting, punctuation, word list, and checklist

QuickBooks naming

Accountant, Developer, Self-Employed, and Small Business

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