Who QuickBooks is

We are the proactive champion.

We are the champion of those who dare to dream. And fueling their success defines our own.

Our voice and tone guidelines help us know what it feels and sounds like to be the champion for all our customers. See our voice and tone at a glance (PDF).

We believe in hard work. That’s why we show up each day. We see the vision, the passion, and the drive of each and every person out there doing it for themselves. It’s what inspires us. The dreamers, the doers, and the makers. Those who are in it for their families, their community, and their future.


How we sound


What we believe


Hear our voice and tone in product and marketing content


Usage, formatting, punctuation, word list, and checklist

Breaking bad news

How to be good when the news isn't

Writing for developers

How to be clear and accurate for our technical partners

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